Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Youth Collection Demystified- Easy Readers

Today, we're continuing our tour of the Youth collection, figuring out how to locate easy readers (also known as "step" readers or "level" readers) on the shelves.

Easy readers (aka "step" or "level" readers) are the titles children check out when they're interested in learning to read independently from an adult.  In line with their name, these books often sport an assigned "level" on their front covers or spines.  As the designations increase in value (they often range from PreK for fledgling readers and work their way up to Level 3 for those children able to read whole paragraphs on their own), the difficulty level of the book's reading content becomes more complex.  Like stepping stones across a babbling brook, easy readers are meant to smoothly guide children through the transitional process of becoming independently literate. 

What It Looks Like

Left: The cover of an easy reader.  Right: Close-up of the level label.

Easy readers are always either located in a separate section near the picture books, or at some of our library branches, the easy readers are interfiled with the picture books.  Regardless of how they're shelved, easy readers are simple to distinguish from other parts of the collection because, while they are still alphabetized by the first letter of the author's last name and carry a bright yellow spine label similar to picture books, easy readers' spine labels are also clearly marked with a large, black "ER" designation. 

How to Find It
Here's an image of the catalog card for this book...

Author entry card for Melvin Berger's Snap!

We know this title is an easy reader because our catalog card locator mentions that the book is labeled "ER", and after noting that the author's last name begins with the letter "B", we know we can find this book in the Easy Reader section with the rest of the "B"s.

Found it!

And that's it- an overview of easy readers and how to find them in the library!  If you've missed any part of this series on demystifying the youth collection, you can catch up on Board Books or Picture Books at your convenience.  Next up: Children's (or Juvenile) Fiction!

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