Friday, May 18, 2018

2018 Spring Storytime- D & E

Letter D
This week we read books on dogs, donuts, and ducks.  Our flannel story was “Five Little Ducks.”  Our craft was a duck pond, where the duck can “swim” back and forth.  We used dot markers at our activity table to practice writing the letter D.

(I apologize for not having photos for this week. I was out sick and our Youth Assistant, Miss Michelle, was leading.)

Letter E
This week we read about elephants and the eensy-weensy spider.  Our flannel story was about five elephants in a bathtub, and oh boy, that sure was a full tub.  Since we’ve done an elephant craft in the past, we mixed it up a little this week and make hand-print eagles.  The kids worked with scissors which was a first experience for some of them.  At our activity table, we had some mystery eggs for the kids to shake.  A couple of them were easy to figure out, but several were hard for the kids to guess, but they were very creative in their guesses.

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