Thursday, August 15, 2013

Flashback (Youth Collection Demystified- Picture Books)

All right, today, we're continuing our brief tour of the Youth Collection, figuring out how to locate picture books on the shelves.

The picture book collection is the section most people think of when they conjure up images of the library.  Picture books can range from simple to quite complex, in both text and illustration and are often books that parents/teachers/caregivers read to children prior to children learning to read independently.  The books I use in story time are almost always culled from the picture book collection.  

What It Looks Like

A wintry book to get you in the right frame of mind for upcoming chilly temps! 

Picture books are easy to tell apart from most of the other books in the Youth Collection; they have bright yellow spine labels, shared only with the Easy Reader Collection, which we'll cover in more depth in the next post. 

How to Find It
Here's an image of the catalog card for this book...

Author entry card for Jimmy Fallon's Snowball Fight.

All books in the picture book collection are arranged alphabetically by first three letters of the author's last name, so this title is a snap to find.  Just locate the shelf with the other yellow labels marked with an "F", and then browse down the line until you find the title you're looking for.

Here's our book!

And that's it- an overview of picture books and how to find them in the library!  If you missed the first part in this series of demystifying the youth collection, feel free to catch up here.  Next up: the easy reader (aka step, or level, reader) collection...

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