Thursday, August 22, 2013

Flashback (Youth Collection Demystified- Children's Fiction)

Join us today as we continue exploring the Youth collection and discover how to find Juvenile Fiction in the stacks.

After fledgling readers have mastered the challenge of Easy Readers, the next stop in their reading journey is the Juvenile Fiction sectionJuvenile fiction is intended mainly for readers who are grades 3-6 and varies widely in content and style. 

What It Looks Like

Left: The cover of a Juvenile Fiction title.  Right: A close-up of the spine label.

Many of the libraries in the Ozark Regional system shelve Juvenile Fiction separately from Y/YA (aka Teen) Fiction, though some of our smaller branches still combine the two sections into one.  The spine label on a Juvenile Fiction book is white and is labeled with a "J" for "Juvenile", as well as with the first three letters of the author's last name.  For example, a book by Erin Hunter would have a spine label that reads "J Hun" (see above picture).

How to Find It
Here's an image of the catalog card for this book...

Author entry card for Erin Hunter's The Fourth Apprentice.

We know this title is Juvenile Fiction because our catalog card locator mentions that the book is labeled with a "J", followed by the first three letters of the author's last name.  We know we can find this book shelved, alphabetically by the author's last name, with the other "J" titles in the Youth area.

Here it is!

And that's it- an overview of Juvenile Fiction and how to find a "J" book in the library!  If you've missed any part of this series on demystifying the youth collection, you can catch up on Board Books, Picture Books, or Easy Readers at your convenience.  Next up: the Paperback Collection!

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