Monday, March 28, 2016

Last Few Weeks of Spring Storytime!!!!!

STEAM on into Story Time!
(Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, Mathematics)

There’s only FOUR more story time sessions left before the Summer Reading Program begins!
Come join us and explore the world of bugs, dive deep into the ocean, take a look at machines, and read along about trains!

Ozark Regional Library – Ironton Branch
April 4th @ 10 AM
April 11th @ 10 AM
April 18th @ 10 AM
April 25th @ 10 AM

Ozark Regional Library – Steelville Branch
April 5th @ 10 AM
April 12th @ 10 AM
April 19th @ 10 AM
April 26th @ 10 AM

Ozark Regional Library – Bourbon Branch
April 5th @ 1:30 PM
April 12th @ 1:30 PM
April 19th @ 1:30 PM
April 26th @ 1:30 PM

Ozark Regional Library – Cuba Branch
April 6th @ 10:30 AM
April 13th @ 10:30 AM
April 20th @ 10:30 AM
April 27th @ 10:30 AM

Ozark Regional Library - Viburnum Branch
April 6th @ 2:30 PM
April 13th @ 2:30 PM
April 20th @ 2:30 PM
April 27th @ 2:30 PM

Ozark Regional Library – Ste. Genevieve Branch
April 7th @ 10 AM
April 14th @ 10 AM
April 21st @ 10 AM
April 28th @ 10 AM

Ozark Regional Library – Fredericktown Branch
April 7th @ 2 PM
April 14th @ 2 PM
April 21st @ 2 PM
April 28th @ 2 PM

Ozark Regional Library – Annapolis Branch
April 8th @ 2:30 PM
April 15th @ 2:30 PM
April 22nd @ 2:30 PM

April 29th @ 2:30 PM

Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Interested in politics?

Is your child interested in politics? Want an effective and easy way to explain some of the more complicated procedures, like what the electoral collage is and the general election process?

What about the debates going on?

Check out PBS Election Website for all of your election needs. 

It gives lesson plans, information videos, virtual field trips to the Capital, interactive map of the current Presidential Candidates, and a lot more.

Go check it out!

Crash Course U.S Government and Politics is another great resource. Full of short, informative videos depicting everything form how a bill becomes a law, to what federalism is, the legal system, and much more!