Thursday, June 20, 2019

Creativity at work!

space and a large Fredericktown group
creating mosaic butterflies and birds.

We had a great program for our preschoolers last week.  The kids made their own sun-catcher stars to hang in their windows and shine all summer!   Our older kids took home their own galaxies in a jar and tried to help Marvin and Marsha Martian escape.  Remember:  The ages on our schedule are guidelines, although we gear our lessons toward certain ages, children of all ages are welcome!
Miss Juli and a friend


Wednesday, June 12, 2019

Our first full week of the summer reading program was a blast.   Check out these photos from our various branches to see what we did the first week.  If you don't have a calendar you can pick one up at the library or view it on this Ozark Regional Library website.  Don't forget that "OH MY GOSH JOSH" is coming to Ironton June 17th at 10am and Fredericktown at 2pm

           Greetings!  What an amazing Kickoff Party we had in Ironton June 1st.  Thank you to all who came and made this a wonderful event.  A special thanks to Arcadia Valley BBQ for feeding everyone award-winning BBQ.  If you missed this year's party, don't worry, we still have a whole summer of events lined up for you.  Stop by your local library in Fredricktown, Viburnum, Annapolis or Ironton to check out our upcoming programs.