Thursday, November 29, 2018

2018 Lip Sync Battle

Ozark Regional Library hit the stage earlier this month for a Lip Sync Battle at The Woods in Ironton.  The event kicked off with staff members John and Michelle performing a song called "Sukiyaki" by 4 P.M. 

We had two teams competing in the battle with Team One performing "Watch Me" by Silento and "Shake it Off" by Taylor Swift.  

Team Two performed "Hold the Drama" and "Boomerang" by JoJo Siwa.

Both teams performed extremely well and were scored on choreography, synchronicity, creativity, and presentation.  The panel of judges consisted of Shelby Chan (City of Pilot Knob), Tiffany Hickman (First State Community Bank), and Erna Barker (Great Southern Bank).

Team Two ended up taking home the title of Lip Sync Battle Champion but both teams received trophies for their amazing efforts!

Monday, November 19, 2018

U-Z Story Time

Unfortunately, due to holiday and snow, the last story time of the fall was only able to be held at Viburnum, but we still had fun finishing up the alphabet.  We played with a xylophone, read "The Watermelon Seed" and did a watermelon counting activity.  Our second book was "Animal Strike at the Zoo" and we had fun making zoo animal picture frames.

S is for School and Sharks and T is for Turtles!

On our activity table, we had some turtles hiding in sand that the kids had to try to find.  Our flannel story was called "Turtles Having Fun."  Our two books were "Flight School" and "Nugget and Fang."  School and sharks are two of the favorite subjects of the storytime kiddos.  For our craft, we made shark hats and wore them while we sang "Baby Shark."  

Q is for Quack and R is for Rain!

We discussed two letters this week in story time.  The letter "Q" was discussed in the book "Little Quack" about 5 little ducklings.  "R" was discussed with our flannel activity called "Four Little Rockets" and the book "The Rain Puddle."  We had rain every day this week so our craft was particularly appropriate.  We made rain clouds!

P is for Paint, Pigs, and Pirates!

We started off story time with a painting activity using some really cool paint brush pens.  Our first book was "Pigsty" and our flannel story was a version of "The 3 Little Piggies."  Our last book was a newer one to our collection called "The Treasure of Pirate Frank."  Our craft was a really cute pirate puppet that the kids had a blast with.

O is for Oceans and Owls!

We talked about creatures found in the ocean this week with our book "I'm the Biggest Thing in the Ocean" and our flannel story "4 Little Ocean Friends."  Our second book was "Little Hoot" about an owl who doesn't want to stay up late.  We wrapped up story time with an owl craft.

N is for Ninjas and Nests!

Our stories this week were "The Legend of Ninja Cowboy Bear" and "Bird Builds a Nest."  Our flannel story was "5 Little Ninjas" and we had a bird matching game on our activity table.  For our craft, we made bird nests.  Unfortunately, Mrs. Kelsey was sick this week and didn't get a lot of pictures.

M is for Mouth, Mouse and Mail!

We kicked off story time by playing some musical instruments and then read our first story "The Wide-Mouthed Frog."  This is a pop-up book that the kids really enjoyed.  We played "Mouse in the House" next on our flannel board.   Maisy Mouse was hiding behind different colored houses and we had to try to guess where she was. Our last book was "Millie Waits for the Mail," about a cow who loves scaring the mail carrier.  For our craft, we made mail bags with postcards that we made for friends and family.