Friday, December 26, 2014

Swan Song

Many of you already know if you regularly attend library programs or frequent the front desk at Ironton, but I'm going to be leaving the Ozark Regional Library system at the end of this month to stay home full-time with this little guy (who isn't quite so little as this picture shows, as he's now a roly-poly toddler)...

I'll truly miss everyone I've met through the library over the past nine years and feel so privileged to have worked with so many wonderful families.  From the bottom of my heart, thank you to each and every one of you!  I know I'm leaving the Youth Department in great hands, though, as Ms. Pat will be taking over the position full-time, beginning January 1st.

Ms. Pat in her element!

I wish everyone the happiest New Year as we head into 2015.  And as always...

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Thursday, December 18, 2014

Just a Reminder...

Just a reminder that the library is closed from Wednesday, December 24 through Friday, December 26.  We hope all have a wonderful holiday, and we'll be back in the book business on Saturday, December 27.

Image from

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Friday, December 12, 2014

Winter Afterschool Programs: Week #2 of Painting Sampler Platter Photos

Each participant in Week #2 of the Painting Sampler Platter had the opportunity to check out a variety of art-related books, as well as take home additional information about the artists on whom we focused.
Lots of great art books!
This week's artists included Frida Kahlo and Henri Matisse.
Then we got to business with our own interpretation of each artist's hallmark style.
First, we tried our skills at drawing self-portraits with colored pencils.
The results were unique and beautiful!
More self-portraits at Fredericktown.

Some fantastic landscapes were created, as well.
An amazing product from PSP!
After self-portraits, we created Matisse-like paper collages.
Some kids thought seasonally...
While others adopted a more abstract, but equally eye-catching, approach.
A collaborative collage-in-progress at Ste. Genevieve.

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Monday, December 8, 2014

Winter Afterschool Programs: Week #2 of Painting Sampler Platter!

Hopefully, the weather will cooperate with us a bit more this week than last, as we continue our exploration of art in Week #2 of our Painting Sampler Platter Afterschool program!  This week, we'll learn about Henri Matisse and Frida Kahlo and make colorful paper collages and self-portrait sketches.

A complete schedule can be found in the left-hand column of this blog, or you can call or visit the front desk of your local library to register and get more details.  All afterschool programs are recommended for grade schoolers, grades 1 through 5, although you can check with a library staff member if you have a younger or older child who might like to attend.

And if your Ozark Regional branch isn't included in the program schedule, don't worry!  You can pick up a craft kit at your convenience just by visiting the front desk of your library branch any time during the month of December.

Call your library with any questions, or send us an email through the Youth Department blog!

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Friday, December 5, 2014

Winter Afterschool Programs: Week #1 of Painting Sampler Platter Photos

Artists referenced for the first week of the Painting Sampler Platter included Pablo Picasso and Jackson Pollock.  Kids could visit the information table for artist bios and art-related take-home activities, as well as for drawing and crafting books to check out.
After a brief introduction to both artists and their style of work, everyone got busy creating!

A Cubist masterpiece.

More wacky fun with Cubism.
Another Picasso-esque piece.
And another gem.
At the Pollock station, kids tried their hands at action painting by flinging, smearing, and dripping paint on their cardstock canvases.
A work in progress.
Look at the gorgeous use of space and color!
Works of art waiting to dry.
A few more creative pieces.
Referencing a different artist, does anyone see shades of a Starry Night...?

And a few more from our Annapolis branch.

This one is called "Messy Cat" :)

Look at the great texture!

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