Friday, May 18, 2018

Summer Reading Program Kickoff Party

Our 2018 Summer Reading Program kicks off on June 2.  Join us at the Ironton branch for a party! You'll get to sign up for our reading club and all of the awesome events we have going on this summer.  

2018 Spring Story Time- H, I, & J

Letter H
We started our stories with the book, “The Kissing Hand.”  This is one of my personal favorites.  It is a very touching story and I recommend it to anyone, especially anyone that has a child going off to school for the first time.  Our second book was “Harry the Dirty Dog.”  The flannel activity was an interactive game where the kids had to guess which house the mouse was hiding behind.  They loved this!  We finished our time with a Hippo Puppet craft.

Letter I
The plan for this week’s story time was a little harder to come up with, but we did it!  We read the stories “I’m Not Cute!” and “Isaac the Ice Cream Truck.”  The kids loved talking about their favorite flavors of ice cream during our ice cream flannel activity.  Our craft was making marshmallow igloos and a marshmallow or two may have been eaten in the process.  The activity table featured a game where the kids could roll dice and put that many insects into a jar.  It was a great way for the older ones to practice their counting.

Letter J
This was our last story time session of the spring!  We read “Sheep in a Jeep” and “Peanut Butter and Jellyfish.”  Our flannel story was “Five Little Jellyfish.”  For our craft, we made jellyfish sun catchers and this was my favorite craft of the spring.  I have mine hanging in my office window, so check it out the next time you’re in the library.  On the activity table, we had a jelly bean counting game and then had jelly beans as a special treat to end the story time session.

2018 Spring Storytime- Letters F & G

Letter F
This week’s books were “The Giant Jumperee” and “Prince and Pirate.”  Why were these books chosen for the Letter F? Well, the creature that declares to be a giant jumperee is a frog and Prince and Pirate are fish.  Our flannel story was one of the kids’ favorites: Five Green and Speckled Frogs.  The craft was coffee filter flowers.  We decorated them and glued them to a sheet of paper, creating a 3-D effect.  The activity table included sheets with a pig on them (a FARM animal) and the kids covered the pigs in “mud.”

Letter G
We did several books this week, because one book went along with a flannel story I created.  The first book was “Giraffes Can’t Dance.”  The second book that had a flannel story to go with it was “Good night, Gorilla.”  The kids had a great time participating in this story.  The last book was “Goodnight Already.”  Our craft was creating gumball machines and using dot markers to create the gumballs.  Our activity table had a garden sorting activity.  The kids sorted foods that you find in a garden vs. foods from a store (not natural). 

2018 Spring Storytime- D & E

Letter D
This week we read books on dogs, donuts, and ducks.  Our flannel story was “Five Little Ducks.”  Our craft was a duck pond, where the duck can “swim” back and forth.  We used dot markers at our activity table to practice writing the letter D.

(I apologize for not having photos for this week. I was out sick and our Youth Assistant, Miss Michelle, was leading.)

Letter E
This week we read about elephants and the eensy-weensy spider.  Our flannel story was about five elephants in a bathtub, and oh boy, that sure was a full tub.  Since we’ve done an elephant craft in the past, we mixed it up a little this week and make hand-print eagles.  The kids worked with scissors which was a first experience for some of them.  At our activity table, we had some mystery eggs for the kids to shake.  A couple of them were easy to figure out, but several were hard for the kids to guess, but they were very creative in their guesses.

2018 Spring Storytime- B & C

Letter B
This week we read books on bears, buttons, and did a flannel activity with butterflies.  We finished up the story time with a craft, making picture frames decorated in buttons.  Our activity table included activities like bubbles and bird sorting.

Letter C
This week we read books on cows, caterpillars, and colors.  We made cow masks and had fun pretending to be cows.  Our activity for our activity table was to run cars through shaving cream, pretending it was snow.